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New Book: “Franchising Law and Practice in Vietnam”

Posted by Nguyen Ba Binh trên 10.09.2014


A brief introduction

Franchising is an increasingly popular business expansion strategy which has revolutionised the distribution of goods and services in virtually all industry sectors in most countries. The late development of franchising in Vietnam has been the result of the late development of the economic and legal system necessary to support it. The Doi Moi reforms in 1986 introduced a market economy which is a necessary prerequisite for the development of franchising – but the development of the franchise sector was constrained by the lack of a clear legal framework. As part of its extensive law modernisation process preparatory to WTO accession in January 2007 Vietnam introduced a dedicated franchise law which provided the legal infrastructure for the orderly development of its franchise sector. This book analyses Vietnam’s social, cultural, commercial, economic and legal factors which play an important role in the adoption of franchising. It addresses franchising development, especially the experience of four leading and pioneer franchisors, in Vietnam. This book also provides strategies to bridge the gap between Vietnamese franchise practice and franchising best practice.

Forward by Professor Andrew Terry, Chair of Discipline of Business Regulation in the University of Sydney Business School, Governor of the Franchise Council of Australia’s Franchise Academy

“…Dr Nguyen Ba Binh’s pioneering book outlining, analysing and assessing the laws impacting on franchising is an important contribution to the development of franchising in Vietnam. A better understanding of the nature and role and operation of the Franchise Decree as well as of the key underlying commercial laws will be increasingly necessary. Dr Nguyen has successfully undertaken a very challenging task, and performed a valuable service to the Vietnamese franchise sector and those foreign enterprises seeking to enter Vietnam, in preparing this book which should be required reading for everyone involved in franchising in Vietnam any capacity.”

(If you are interested in reading this book, please kindly access the following website for further information:

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