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Vietnam’s New Regulatory Regime for Franchising (Lawasia Journal)

Posted by Nguyen Ba Binh trên 18.03.2010


LAWASIA Journal is published under the General Editorship of Professor Suri Ratnapala, Ms Lisa Toohey and Dr Jonathan Crowe within the Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law, TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland. The Editorial Board includes prestigious scholars and members of the judiciary from the Asia Pacific Region.

The Editors welcome contributions from scholars and professionals worldwide. Contributions must be submitted electronically by email to the editors. Click here for contact information. All contributions are peer-reviewed.

LAWASIA Journal 2010 Edition

For more information, visit The University of Queensland – TC Beirne School of Law website.

LAWASIA Journal 2009 Edition

AU$70.00 (+10% for Australian Residents)
AU$15.00 Postage and handling fee also applies

The 2009 LAWASIA Journal is published in association with the TC Beirne School of Law and the Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law of The University of Queensland. The LAWASIA Journal contains scholarly writings and reports on legal developments in the Asia Pacific Region. This Edition includes the following articles and book reviews:

Refereed Articles

  • The Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG: Judicial Independence and Accountability – An Asia-Pacific Perspective
  • Rohan Price: Confidential Information and Client Lists in Hong Kong: A Triumph for Self Regulation?
  • Paul Harpur: Developments in Chinese Labour Laws: Enforcing People with Disabilities’ Right to Work?
  • Sue Farran: “Making Land Work” in the Pacific? – Evaluation Land Reform in Vanuatu
  • Jessica Howley: China’s Use of Law in Promoting Cross-Strait Relations: The Implications of Reunification
  • Andrew Terry and Nguyen Ba Binh: Vietnam’s New Regulatory Regime for Franchising
  • Ilja Richard Pavone: The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and International Human Rights Law
  • Cheong May Fong and Yong Chiu Mei: Competion Law Perspectives on the Water Services Industry in Malaysia
  • Luke Raffin:  Peddling a Paper Tiger:  Using Regulatory Theory to Improve Occupational Health and Safety in the Chine

Book Reviews

  • Sustainable Development as a Principle of International Law: Resolving Conflicts Between Climate Measures and WTO Law – Carly M Roberts
  • International Humanitarian Law: An Anthology – Tareq M R Chowdhury
  • Gender and the Constitution:  Equity an Agency in Comparative Constitutional Design – Peter M McDermott

(Toàn quyền phát hành thuộc Tạp chí Lawasia – ĐH Queensland, Australia nên tác giả không thể post toàn vẹn nội dung bài viết, nếu quý vị quan tâm xin vui lòng liên hệ Tạp chí Lawasia. Mong quý vị cảm thông!)


2 phản hồi to “Vietnam’s New Regulatory Regime for Franchising (Lawasia Journal)”

  1. Ngo Hong Nhung said

    Em chao thay a, hien em la SV nam cuoi Khoa Luat-DHQGHN, em dang theo duoi Khoa luan tot nghiep voi de tai lien quan den nhung quy dinh PLVN ve franchise va co so sanh voi mot so nuoc tren the gioi. Em rat quan tam va mong muon tham khao tai lieu “Andrew Terry and Nguyen Ba Binh: Vietnam’s New Regulatory Regime for Franchising” cua Thay trong tap chi Lawasia Ed 2009..nhung hien tai tren website chi moi update den current Ed2008 thoi a..Em rat mong thay giup do em co the tiep can duoc tai lieu tham khao tren a.
    Em xin chan thanh cam on.

    • Chao em! Cam on em vi da quan tam bai viet nay, nhu minh chu thich o tren, Tap chi Lawasia giu toan quyen trong viec phat hanh an pham nen minh khong the post bai viet len blog nay hay gui cho nguoi khac ban file (minh khong ro cau em viet la “website chi moi update den current Ed2008 thoi” la nhu the nao, co the em nham lan, boi vi ngay ca cac an pham truoc do thi Lawasia cung khong cho free download). Thuc ra neu minh o Vietnam thi minh co the cho em muon ban hard-copy (cai nay thi duoc phep) de doc, tiec la dot nay minh khong the ve VN. Mong em thong cam ve viec nay va chuc em may man trong viec thuc hien Khoa luan cua minh!

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